About the club

More fully, the sport offers the opportunity for culturally, socially and interrelationally isolated deaf people:

  • to integrate more easily into society and the EU (gives them the opportunity to connect with people without disabilities, through sports activities or to relate easily to EU athletes);
  • to overcome barriers to isolation and communication by participating in domestic and international competitions;
  • to develop their team spirit and camaraderie, but also their intellectual, psychological, moral and physical personality by practicing sports;
  • to stimulate their creativity, skills and to strengthen their general culture through sport.

The purpose of C.S.S.T. Cluj is realising sports activities, through the selection, initiation and training of sportsmen in this area, the participation in national and international sporting events and their related activities.

The activity objectives of C.S.S.T. Cluj are the following: are as follows:

  • Practicing sports activities in the following fields: athletism, swimming, tennis, table tennis, basketball, mini football, football, handball, volleyball, tourist orientation, chess, backgammon etc.;
  • The participation of club’s sportsmen in the national championships and competitions;
  • Establishing of colaboration relations with other similar clubs in the country and abroad;
  • Recruitment and training of the most talented sportsmen;
  • The application of the methodological indications of sports field of federations, in sportsmen’s training;
  • The initiation of periodic sporting events featuring prizes for club members;
  • The promotion of sports field in special schools.