Sport branches

In the life of modern society, sport is a factor of great importance for maintaining health, combating sedentary lifestyles and also a valuable mean for integrating deaf people into society and the EU.

  • The most popular sport for the deaf is futsall. By organizing domestic and international competitions, including with people who can hear, it contributes greatly to breaking down barriers of isolation and communication.
  • Starting with 2015, a new branch of sport is introduced, namely: tennis football
  • Since 2007, bowling has become a favourite sport, on which more and more athletes participate, thus obtaining better results at the official competitions.
  • Chess, loved by many deaf people, brought us several titles as the best athletes in Romania.
  • Table tennis has been and will remain featured in the top sports for the deaf.
  • Sand -volleyball is a new sport, since 2011, diversifying the palette of sports.
  • Like sand volleyball, darts is a sport that has emerged recently, gaining more and more participants.
  • Sport fishing arose from the desire of athletes to exercise their fishing in a competitional enviroment, as permitted by the law.